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Expert Denver Plumbing Maintenance

Keeping Denver Metro Area Plumbing Systems in Top Condition

Most things in life require some maintenance to perform at their best consistently. We change the oil in our cars on a regular basis, mow our lawns when the grass gets too tall, and go to the doctor for an annual checkup. The plumbing in your home is no different; regular maintenance ensures that everything is functioning properly and can help avoid costly repairs in the future by catching smaller issues before they grow.

High 5 Plumbing offers top-quality plumbing maintenance in Denver. As a local, family-owned company, we care about providing local homeowners with honest, affordable services to keep pipes, drains, sinks, toilets, and other household plumbing in prime condition.

Call High 5 Plumbing at (720) 330-4868 to learn more about how our High 5 Club Membership can save you money on routine plumbing maintenance in Denver!

Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

Think about everything that goes down a drain. No, it’s not only water! Soap scum, hair, and food particles commonly escape down the drain, not to mention toothpaste, toilet paper, dirt—even the occasional toy or piece of jewelry. Occasional drain cleaning by a professional can help remove this buildup safely, improving the flow of the drain and avoiding the risk of an inconvenient clog or backup. Our highly trained Denver plumbers at High 5 Plumbing can clean your drains quickly and efficiently. We clean up after ourselves so thoroughly that once we leave, the only sign we were there would be your freely flowing drains.

Head Off Problems in Your Sewer Line

High 5 Plumbing also offers state of the art inspections of your sewer line. Since a home’s main sewer line removes thousands of gallons of wastewater each year, it’s vital to make sure the line is free of issues. Too often, because the line is out of sight, it’s also out of mind, and your only indication that something is wrong is a sewage backup.

How often you have your sewer line inspected is up to you, but we recommend at least once every 18-24 months. Our experienced technicians can perform a video inspection of the sewer line with a flexible, fiber optic cable and a high-definition camera. This can alert us to many problems deep inside the line, such as tree roots, shifted soil, or excessive buildup. We’ll share our findings with you and offer recommendations for further maintenance or repairs.

When you need plumbing maintenance in Denver, think High 5 Plumbing. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a service!

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  • Service you can trust!

    “They kept me apprised of the work needed.”

    Bruce S.

  • Professional, courteous, prompt and helpful service.

    “Very professional, courteous, prompt and helpful service from everyone I dealt with in the company. They even advised me that the replacement of the part needed on our water heater should be under warranty, which I hadn't even thought of. Once I confirmed with the manufacturer that it was, they provided me with a very reasonable adjusted cost, did all of the footwork to locate it, pick up the part, fill out all the necessary warranty paperwork, and return the defective part to the supplier. The repair was completed in a very timely and thorough manner, including a maintenance flush, which was outside the scope of the repair.”

    Barbara S.

  • Highly recommend this company.

    “Very courteous, helpful, and took care of us right of way. We have remodeling work in our future, High 5 will be our plumber for the project. Highly recommend this company.”

    Sharon K.

  • Fast, efficient and friendly.

    “Fast, efficient and friendly plumbers from High 5 Plumbing.”

    Tim K.

  • 5 stars!

    “We have been using High 5 plumbing for the last 2-3 years on all of our remodeling projects. They show up on time, price is always as quoted and they clean up after themselves. 5 stars.”

    Tyson R.