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Plumbing Inspections in Denver

High 5 Plumbing Can Help Keep Your Property in Tip-Top Shape

For most home and business owners, the thought of hiring a plumber only occurs to them when something goes wrong: When there's a leak, a clog, water damage, etc. However, the best way to avoid these costly plumbing issues is to periodically check on the health of your plumbing. At High 5 Plumbing, our dedicated and experienced Denver plumbers can provide world-class technical diagnostics to assess your property and ensure that your plumbing is functioning and secure.

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Sewer Line Inspections

Your property's plumbing is more than just drains and pipes you can see. In fact, many of the appliances and features of our homes-- from tubs to toilets to washing machines-- depend on our sewer lines to remove gallons and gallons of wastewater from our homes. At High 5 Plumbing, we know firsthand just how damaging a malfunctioning sewer line can be for homeowners. That's why we recommend that customers have their sewer line inspected every 18 to 24 months, or when homeowners start to notice any warning signs.

Signs that there could be a problem with your sewer lines include:

  • Water pooling at the floor drain of your basement
  • Water back-up in bathtub and sink drains
  • Sewage back-up in your drains, bathtubs, or toilets
  • Reoccurrence of clogs—or multiple clogs in your home
  • Slower-than-usual drains
  • Bad odors from your drains

As you can see, the integrity of your sewer lines is key to maintaining good plumbing health throughout your home. At High 5 Plumbing, we've been assisting homeowners to maintain and repair their sewer lines for more than 15 years. We are the recipient of the Best of Home Advisor 2017 and are an A+ Rated business with the BBB.

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Customer Reviews

  • My best experience ever with a plumber!

    “First of all, Levi saw what every one else missed - the whole house needed to be re-plumbed, due to the plastic piping in the house which had been recalled 30 years ago. The work was fast and competent. They came when scheduled, and worked until the job was done. Once we settled on a complete job price, they stuck to it. They were even able to add on little bits (outdoor hydrants, etc), but also let me know where I could do other parts (faucets, supply lines) myself to complete the job on budget! All work was completed in a single day! Just amazing - my best experience ever with a plumber!”

    Phyllis K.

  • Service was timely, thorough and extremely helpful.

    “Excellent customer service both by the office staff and the technician. Service was timely, thorough and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend both the company High 5 Plumbing and the individual technician, Levi Torres.”

    Evelyn G.

  • Work was first rate.

    “Jeff and Josh were great. Jeff explained the scope of work. Work was first rate.”

    Sean H.

  • Honest and upfront.

    “These people were wonderful to work with. They were honest and upfront about the work that needed to be done, scheduling was a breeze and the work was of good quality. It was an overall great experience.”

    Sarah I.

  • He was prompt, very fair price, and he gave a written guarantee on his work.

    “We smelled gas inside our home. That led us to a leaking galvanized drain line plus a cracked nut on the gas line. I shut the gas off & had 3 providers come look at the leaks and give a bid. Of the 3 service providers Levi is the only one that had no drama or extra fear added in with what needed to done. "It is no problem; I can fix this right now!" Levi fixed the leaks and replaced the galvanized pipe that day, Saturday! He was prompt, very fair price, and he gave a written guarantee on his work. I manage real estate for a living and I found a new plumber in the Denver area!”

    Sarah C.