Plumbing Tips for a Problem-Free Holiday Season

The holiday season can be hectic, so it is easy to overlook simple tasks that can prevent plumbing problems. You have enough to worry about with relatives, gifts and holiday plans. Let our helpful tips take some of the pressure off so that you can focus on enjoying your holiday time without additional headaches.

These plumbing tips will ensure that there are no unexpected holiday surprises that will distract you from enjoying the vacation from work with your family and loved ones.

The holiday season shows a consistent spike in the number of plumbing calls. People will request services for clogged drains, backed-up garbage disposals, and dysfunctional toilets. The last thing you should be worrying about is fixing a plumbing problem while your guests are over at your house.

1. Place a Plunger and Air Freshener Inside Every Bathroom

Make sure that each bathroom has these items to prevent problems from happening. If you have a spare bathroom that doesn’t often get used, make sure to put these items in that bathroom. There is a high chance that somebody will find it and use it, and you don’t want that room to be missing a plunger or an air freshener. Additionally, you might also put a fan in bathrooms that guests will use frequently.

2. Install Drain Strainers

Install these in both the showers and in the kitchen sink. Strainers can prevent food and hair from clogging sinks. In addition, you can make a sign that asks people to empty their plates in the trashcan to keep small particles out of the drain. The mesh screen for the bathtub will also prevent hair from clogging up the drain during the holidays.

3. Designate a Trashcan for the Bathroom

This is an effective and non-invasive way to remind any holiday guests you have that certain items are not flushable.

You can also put a sign on the toilet that says, “Flush TP Only.” This will prevent your toilet from becoming clogged up. List the items on the trashcan sign, and name them all. This should include:

  • Paper towels

  • Flushable wipes

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Cotton swabs

  • Face tissues.

4. Insulate Pipes

A little insulation can prevent significant damage to your pipes during the winter holiday season. Unheated areas are vulnerable to freezing, which can crack the pipes.

You can use a variety of products to accomplish the insulation, and you can also have a professional perform this work. Examples of consumer products for pipe insulation include:

  • Heat tape

  • Pipe sleeves

  • Heating cables

You can also take this opportunity to add more insulation to the other areas of your home, which can conserve heat for your guests while also lowering your heating bill.

Final Tips

Prevent the most common holiday mishaps by following these basic plumbing tips for the holiday season and by scheduling an appointment for plumbing maintenance. Grease, hair, food particles and extra toilet flushing can make a festive event turn into a nightmare. Prepare for guests by taking these precautions. The holidays are a time for celebrations and time with family members. However, the additional stress on the plumbing systems can create an unexpected and unpleasant event. Avoid the most common plumbing disasters. Prepare extra trash cans, add insulation and prevent drains and toilets from getting clogged.

We hope your holidays are fun and problem-free. If you encounter any plumbing issues, contact High 5 Plumbing at (720) 330-4868.