How to Prolong the Life of Your Water Heater

How to Prolong the Life of Your Water Heater

Water heaters: indoor plumbing wouldn’t be the same without them! We often forget about these important appliances even though they add tremendous value to our daily lives.

We take water heaters for granted because they often work for years without requiring much maintenance. However, taking the time to check and do a little routine maintenance can help prolong the life of your water heater. Here are a few of our tips on how to prolong the life of your water heater!

Set the water heater temperature to 120°F

If you set your water heater at a lower temperature, you decrease the likelihood that sediment and scale will build up in your water heater. As a bonus, each 10°F drop in water temperature can save around 3-5% on your water heating costs.

Add a water softener to your home

Water sources in the Denver, Colorado area tend to have hard water with high concentrations of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Hard water can leave deposits in your water heater tank, limiting its useful life. Adding a water softener can reduce the amount of minerals in the water supplying your water heater, and your whole house can benefit from its addition.

Drain and flush sediment from the tank

Sediment buildup not only reduces the efficiency of your water heater, but also shortens its life. Check to make sure the minerals in your water have not left behind a thick layer of sediment. A plumber can help you drain and clear your water heater of sediment. A rusty water heater may need to be replaced soon.

Test the pressure relief valve

Water heaters have a pressure relief valve at the top or side of the tank. The valve is a safety feature that opens to let off pressure from the tank before it gets too high. Older valves can reach a point where they no longer open or they will leak after testing. It’s a good idea to have a replacement valve handy before you test, or ask an experienced plumber to do the testing for you.

Water heater inspections don’t have to be stressful. Call us at (720) 330-4868 to have an experienced, licensed water heater technician at High5Plumbing check and maintain your water heater to maximize its useful life.


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