Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

The toilet is a part of our daily lives. Knowing what is OK to flush, and not OK to flush down your tank, could save your plumbing system from a colossal disaster. You might be surprised by our short list of things you should NEVER flush down your toilet. Note, the occasional expired goldfish is ok. However, to send just anything down there will cause significant plumbing problems as well as environmental pollution. The following is our quick and dirty list of the things that should never be flushed down the toilet.


Sanitary wipes are becoming a popular bathroom accessory nowadays. While they may resemble toilet paper, they are not. The material that is used in the making of these wipes is not biodegradable and, when flushed, they clog the sewer pipes and cause problems in the septic tank as well.

Sanitary Napkins/Tampons

While flushing down tampons and sanitary napkins in the toilet might seem like a convenient option, they have adverse effects on the sewer pipes. They easily clog the pipes and create havoc in the sewer tank.


They are small but don’t underestimate these latex prophylactics as these are a nightmare to the sewage treatment plants and your septic tank. Instead of flushing them for your convenience, throw them in the trash to avoid plumbing issues.

Cat Litter

Even if the cat litter is flushable, DO NOT flush it. Cat litter is bad for your septic system as it contains sand and clay – two things that should never enter your toilet. It ends up lingering in your toilet and does not dissolve easily. This will do much more damage than simply creating issues in the sewer system of your home.

Dental Floss

Whether waxed or unwaxed, dental floss is a total no when it comes to flushing it down in the toilet. The dental floss is made up of non-biodegradable material and will wrap around the other things in the toilet pipes, this, in turn, will lead to the clogging of your pipes and drainage systems.

Cotton Swabs

Not just cotton swabs, anything made of cotton should not be flushed. Contrary to what you think, these cotton swabs and balls will not become soggy and break down. What actually happens is, they eventually end up binding together and create a massive blockage in your sewer tank.

Any Kind of Plastic

No matter if it’s just a small band-aid or a broken piece of your hair dryer – plastic material should never ever be flushed down in the toilet. They do not dissolve and create massive plumbing hassles.

If you have been flushing any of the items on our list down the toilet in your home, its time to stop. Contact the professionals at High 5 plumbing if you think you might have damaged your septic tank or sewage system.