Plumbing Tips for Winter

Plumbing Tips for Winter

Your home’s plumbing system can be under a lot of pressure during the winter months. In Denver, the weather can get pretty chilly and this can lead to pipes freezing and bursting all over the city. For the homeowners who this happens to, costly repairs can put a major wrench in your plans, especially if you are already dreaming of taking a vacation to somewhere tropical before the harsh Colorado winter comes to an end. Let’s talk about how you can best protect your pipes throughout the colder months.

Why Should You Worry About Your Pipes Freezing?

When water becomes cold, it expands. When the water that is expanding is contained in your plumbing pipes, this can mean serious trouble. It doesn’t matter how strong the pipes in your home are, the pipe can break so it’s of great importance that you know how to prevent this from happening. At High 5 Plumbing, we have seen our fair share of frozen pipes. The most common pipes that will freeze are those that are exposed to freezing temperatures such as swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines, outdoor hose bibs and other pipes that are contained in unheated areas like a basement or attic.

Pipe Protection

In order to keep your pipes from freezing, there are some steps you can take. You should always start with the tips below.

  1. Be sure you know precisely where your home’s valves are for shutting off the water.
  2. Also ensure that your outside water spigot is turned off throughout the winter.
  3. If you find that your lines have become frozen, you can always attempt to warm them up by using a hairdryer. Once you notice that the water flow has returned to normal, you can either open the cabinet doors to allow warm air to meet the pipes, wrap a towel around the pipes, or let your faucet drip a tiny bit throughout the winter months.
  4. Whatever you do, don’t use a space heater to warm up frozen pipes. There is much potential for starting a house fire if you do.

Pipe Protection for Future Winters

While it may be too late in the year for you to make the following changes now, you can start thinking about how you can better protect your pipes in the future now. Take note of some of our suggestions below that could prevent you from having to worry about your pipes for winters to come.

  1. You may want to consider moving any exposed pipes to a place that will not put them at such a risk of freezing.
  2. You can also have a professional install insulation in areas like your attic, basement or crawl space so that your pipes in these areas will not be as cold during the winter.
  3. Call your local plumber and find out what solutions they would suggest in addition to the tips listed above. The professionals at High 5 Plumbing have seen plenty of busted pipes, and we know how to repair and replace them. However, we would rather just prevent your pipes from freezing in the first place instead.

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