Potential Plumbing Maintenance in Your Denver Home

As summer nears, you may be considering plumbing maintenance so that you don’t have to deal with any plumbing emergencies when the weather is nice and every weekend is booked with exciting adventures. In order to be able to do everything you would like during the coming warm months, consider following the tips below where plumbing maintenance is concerned.

  1. Watering Your Lawn at the Right Time of Day

    You may be wondering how this can affect your plumbing but you will find out quickly when you receive your water bill after watering your lawn at the wrong time of day. Watering the grass when the sun is at its peak and the heat is scorching is quite counterproductive as the water will evaporate, meaning you will have to water significantly more than if you were going to water your grass early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

  2. Don’t Put Large Items in Your Garbage Disposal

    People tend to think their garbage disposal can handle anything that is put in it. Unfortunately, garbage disposals can definitely become clogged, which will require you to call your local plumber for a fix on your day off. When you have BBQs or dinner parties this summer, be sure to cut up larger pieces of food before sticking them down the garbage disposal.

  3. Turn Down the Water Heater Temp

    While having scorching hot water during the winter may be something that brings you comfort, it isn’t really necessary this time of year. In Denver, it gets hot in the summer months and the last thing you’re gonna want to do is get into a steamy shower when you come inside from the heat. Conserve water and energy by turning down the temperature on your water heater.

Plain and simple, the more you use your plumbing, the more likely it is that you will experience a problem that will have to be handled with plumbing maintenance. If you do find yourself in need of a plumber this summer, contact the experts at High 5 Plumbing and let us take care of your issues for you in no time.