5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning out Your Drain

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning out Your Drain

We have all experienced it multiple times: the drain in your tub or sink is clogged…again. You may think that hiring a plumber is overkill when it comes to something as simple as a clogged drain, but think again. The following methods are not only the most common ways people try to clean out their drains but also the worst ways you can get the results you are hoping for where your drain is concerned.

  1. The Garden Hose Method

    There is a reason your hose is preceded by the word “garden” and that is because that is where it is meant to be used. Some people believe that the extra water pressure from their hose will help to push the clog through the drain. Unfortunately, to our knowledge this has never worked, and likely just leaves homeowners with a far bigger problem and mess than a simple clogged drain.

  2. Chemical Drain Cleaners

    This is normally the method most people choose to use first, mainly because it is a cheap and fast remedy. While they do work to solve the problem for a short amount of time, you will surely be deal with a clog in the same drain sooner rather than later. Not to mention, the harsh and hazardous chemicals inside these cleaners are not something you particularly want to expose your lungs to.

  3. Coat Hangers

    We like to call this “the old fashioned way”. Unbending a coat hanger in order to slide it into your drain to clean it out is not a very effective method. Not only will you not be able to solve the clog problem but you are likely to end up with a disgusting mess to clean up.

  4. Drain Augers

    While you may be able to successfully be able to use a drain auger if you have past plumbing experience, this is not the case for most people. This is why the majority of people who use augers not only don’t get rid of their clog but they actually end up damaging their pipes.

  5. Embracing Your Inner Plumber

    Everyone has thought at one time or another that they are capable of taking an entire drain apart and removing the clog manually. Let’s just say, as professional plumbers, we would not recommend this because the likelihood of you damaging your piping is much more likely than things going the way your imagined in your head.

If you have a problem with a clogged drain in your home, especially if it has occurred several times in the same pipe, we suggest calling the expert team at High 5 Plumbing of Denver today at (720) 330-4868! We can take care of that clog in no time so that you don’t have to.


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