Vacationing This Holiday Season? Double Check Your Plumbing First!

Vacationing This Holiday Season? Double Check Your Plumbing First!

With the holidays upon us, there are plenty of people who will be traveling across their home state or the country to visit friends or relatives. While vacation are always a reason for excitement, it’s important that you realize your home could be at risk while you are gone. Yes, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will return to the same home you left once your vacation is over. However, if you take a few precautions, you may be able to prevent this from happening. The key is keeping plumbing emergencies from occurring by going through a carefully constructed plumbing checklist before you head off to your holiday destination. Before you leave your home, make sure you do the following:

Make Sure You Turn off Outdoor Faucets and Disconnect Hoses.

While not turning off faucets or hoses will not be likely to lead to damage of your home, it will aid itself to increasing your water bill. In our experience, people who are on vacation are striving to save money in any way they can so that their trip can be enjoyable. The last thing you want is to return from a trip that cost you a pretty penny, only to find that your water bill is much higher than normal

Turn off Your Home's Main Water Supply as Well.

When you turn off your home’s main water supply, you are preventing any and all possible leaks from occurring. This is an especially smart thing to do if you live in an older home. While you may not think your pipes are likely to crack or bust, you truly never know what will happen, so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Set Your Water Heater to the Lowest Setting Possible.

If you want to keep your energy bill down while you are away, setting your water heater to the lowest possible setting is a good way to do so. If you like, you
can also turn off your water heater and drain it in order to prevent flooding from occurring.

Take a Look at Your Sump Pump.

The best way to ensure that your basement won’t flood while you are away is to check out the condition of your sump pump. A hardworking sump pump is the best defense you can have against your basement flooding. One or two weeks before you are about to head out on your excursion, have a plumber come by your home to perform routine maintenance and check that everything is working the way it should be.

Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Check on Your Home While You Are Gone.

One great way to make sure nothing will go terribly wrong with your plumbing system while you are on vacation is to ask a friend, relative or neighbor to come check in on things every other day or so. In the case that there is a problem that occurs, your housesitter can easily call a plumber to fix the issue so that it does not get worse before you return.

Putting Your Mind At Ease

There is something to be said about fully enjoying your vacation this winter. If you are constantly worrying that something may be going wrong at your home, you aren’t likely to enjoy your time away from home. If you like, you can always call the professionals at High 5 Plumbing to complete a routine inspection of your plumbing system to ensure nothing is likely to go wrong while you are away. Call us today at (720) 330-4868 and don’t spend a second worrying about what is going on at home while you are enjoying your holiday getaway.


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