Water Leaks

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Water Leaks – Anyone who’s ever tried to find a water leak knows it’s not as easy as it sounds. Just because you found a drip or a bead of water doesn’t mean you found the source of the leak.  Finding a leak and fixing it before it causes more expensive repairs is crucial to maintaining your home’s integrity.  Whether it’s plastic, copper, or galvanized piping, High 5 Plumbing can take care of virtually any leak occurring anywhere in your house.  Our expert plumbing technicians will help you locate the leak, repair it or replace the problem with the correct parts and fixtures, to get your kitchen, bathroom or home back to normal quickly.  If you suspect a leak, turn off the water to the fixture or at the main water valve and call us right away.  For a list of ways to help with water leaks or frozen pipes, see our page of plumbing tips.

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