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Water Heater Repair & Service – Not all hot water heaters need to be replaced. Depending on the problem and the age of the unit, sometimes it makes more sense to repair your hot water heater than doing a full replacement. One of High 5’s plumbing experts can help you make an informed decision regarding whether you should repair or replace your hot water heater and what’s right for your individual situation.

Most water heaters should last at least 10 years depending on use, type, maintenance and original quality. If you do need a water heater replacement, there are a number of factors you will have to consider such as type, size, demand, energy efficiency and more. Besides the conventional options, there are newer types of water heaters, including demand (tankless), high recovery water heaters and energy efficient water heaters. Keep in mind that the typical family of four uses about 2000 gallons of hot water each month. High 5 Plumbing’s experts have the experience to help you choose a water heater that will meet all of your needs today and in the years to come.

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