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Sewer Line Inspections – From the shower to the washing machine to the toilets, they all depend on your sewer line to safely remove thousands of gallons of wastewater from your home every year. This means keeping your sewer pipes clean is just as important as any other preventive maintenance you do around your house.  There are several things that can cause sewer back-ups, including tree roots damaging pipes, soil movement causing a low spot in a pipe, and grease buildup.  Due to the location of your sewer line it’s pretty tough to know when trouble might be lurking until it’s too late. That’s why savvy homeowners will have their sewer line inspected about every 18 to 24 months, depending on use, to head off any potential problems before they start.

These warning signs are good indications you need a a sewer line inspection:

  • Raw sewage backing up into your drain, toilet or bathtub
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the pipes
  • Repeated clogs or multiple clogged drains
  • Visible water around a floor drain in the basement
  • Water backing up in a shower or bathtub drain when washing clothes or dishes
  • Slow drains
  • Sewer odors

Video Sewer Service Inspections
High 5 Plumbing’s expert technicians will come to your residence and perform a video inspection of your home’s main sewer line to look for signs of trouble. A flexible fiber optic cable with a specially designed high-resolution video camera on the end is inserted into the pipe. From there it is pushed through the pipe where it records everything it finds along the way and allows the tech to see first hand any potential problems, eliminating the guesswork. Depending on the results, our sewer service tech can show you actual pictures of possible issues and make any recommendations for how to fix them.

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