Gas Lines for BBQ, Fire Pits or Gas Stoves

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Gas Lines for BBQ, Fire Pits, or Gas Stoves – Looking to add a new gas line at your home for a bbq or fire pit outside? Or perhaps the convenience of an indoor gas stove? Dealing with natural gas lines isn’t for amateurs. The gas line catastrophe could mean the difference between you having a home and you not having a home. Gas connections require special pipes, valves, tools and supplies. Plus, depending on where you live, your new gas addition may require a permit, inspection and the need to meet other community-specific regulations.

Let the experts plumbers at High 5 Plumbing get the gas line for your new grill, fire pit or gas stove installed and hooked up properly. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that it was done correctly and be enjoying your new addition in no time.

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