Garbage Disposal Repair/Replacement

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Garbage Disposal Repair/ReplacementGarbage disposals work by using centrifugal motion and impellers to force food scraps against a stationary, serrated grinding wheel.  This process crushes material into tiny particles rather than shredding it like a blender. While it’s a highly efficient, safe, and convenient way to dispose of waste, this process is also susceptible to problems and repairs, especially after extended use. Garbage disposal problems are among the most common calls we get at High 5 Plumbing.  Typically, disposals get clogged or jammed from trying to put too much or the wrong kinds of materials down the sink.  Other times, disposals will leak from old seals, poor installation, or faulty pipes.  High 5 Plumbing technicians are experts at diagnosing garbage disposal problems quickly and recommending a simple repair or a full replacement—whichever one best fits your needs and of course, your budget.  For a list of ways to keep your garbage disposal running in top condition, see our page of plumbing tips.

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