Most Frequently Asked Denver Plumbing Questions

How do I give my garbage disposal a long life and keep it working well?
  • Never intentionally put things in the disposal
  • Ice cubes do not clean the garbage disposal, they break it!
  • Egg shells do not sharpen the blades, they can potentially plug the drain line
  • Don’t put lemons into your garbage disposal to freshen your drain, High 5 has a product to safely eliminate odors (ask us about Bio-Clean)
How do I best maintain my hot water heater? What should I think about when replacing my unit?
  • Water heaters need to be drained twice a year, not once (even self-cleaning units).
  • There is a difference between Home Depot water heaters and the water heaters provided by a professional
  • Don’t always believe the online reviews you read on water heaters.
How should I keep my toilets running efficiently?
  • Do not use in tank toilet cleaners
  • If your toilet is older than 2003, it probably needs to be cleaned
  • Invest in a wire brush. Your toilet will work better.
What do I need to know about my drain line?
  • Run water in every drain once a month.
  • Get on a drain treatment plan to prevent problems down the road. (BIO-CLEAN)
  • Listen for signs of problems.
How do I decrease my water pressure? What should water pressure be?
  • Inline pressure reducing valves can be used to decrease your water pressure.
  • A water filter system can decrease your pressure and increase the quality of your water.
  • Your pressure needs to be between 50-75 psi.
How do I increase my water pressure? What should water pressure be?
  • Your pressure needs to be between 50-75 psi.
  • A booster bump system can increase pressure to your home.
  • Storage tank systems can also increase water pressure.
  • Water pressure also depends on the type of water piping you have (pex, copper, galvanized, CVC, & polybutylene pipe)

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